Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fresh Air on the Island Ko Samet

Ko Samet for four nights and days was an appropriate choice by all means, although the first night was nearly claustrophobic: I was given a tiny room with a fake window, without garden view as booked - actually with no view at all as there was a sordid mirror facing my need to have a view! My own face was not the most wanted view for me but the only choice.

This was because of public holidays and overbooking. The staff behaved all too arrogantly when I complained about the room in a civilized way, and told me that I was an amateur tourist being difficult  without any reason, because I would be given another room the next day.

This was the one supposed to be also for the first night...No sun, but at least a sunflower!

The room I finally got had windows three of them on three walls making a total of 9 windows, haha
 - quite an opposite..

Well, they did not have any sense of customer service, and did not improve their attitude during the whole stay. No smiles, no eye-contact with me. Poor them.

Anyway, the resort itself was just what I needed and desired.

The Mermaid on the left is NOT me.

It is all about a legend based on poetry: "Sunthorn Phu (1786–1855) is probably one of the most respected poets among the Thai people. In the writing Phra Aphai Mani, a mermaid is saving Prince Aphai Mani from the sea and takes him to Koh Samet.

A statue that illustrates this drama is placed on the rocks between Ao Hin Khok and Hat Sai Kaew ", tells the tourist info.

It is also believed that once upon a time, Ko Samet was the home of pirates, and that until these days there is still lost treasures buried somewhere on the island. I did not find any.

Koh Samet in the Rayong province, is one of the 96 national parks found in Thailand. The nature is considered to be so unique that the authorities, The Royal Forestry Department, has decided that this island should be designated as a national park.  Tourism and hotels are allowed on Samet, with some geographical restrictions.

I took lodgings at Saikaew Beach which is considered to be the most beautiful one on the island. Amazingly white sand made even the cloudy and rainy days picturesque. Unfortunately it was raining most of my stay, but swimming in the sea is enjoyable even in rain.

And they had some pretty touristic ways of amusing people hanging out, but I did not feel to be one of those superficially regaled ones. Still tried to document some of it- but nearly forgetting my name - was it something O-related??

Some new experiences to mention was a pitch-black evening, all alone, with no electricity, being terrified by a furious thunderstorm, listening to spooky and monotonous but very loud cry of horned frogs, dozens of black flies biting my ankles - all this at the same time. Fortunately mobile phones have been invented! My friend from Finland had to call and calm me down as my SMSs were loaded with agony - I've been struck by a thunderbolt in my teens. Thanks for caring!

This certain frog is not involved in the crime of making me mad by the cry of horned frogs...but (s)he was a friendly one bodyguard-like-a-frog on my door for the first night.

 Seafood, fresh air and mesmerizing beach made me happy and relaxed.

Ko Samet is said to be easy to reach from Bangkok, and so it was en route to Ko Samet. Homeward-bound was easy as well, until I realized that the minibus would not stop on it's way to Khao San Road , the paradise for backpackers - I just saw the city campus of BU, and the district where I live, to be left behind. In the end, the taxi drive backwards to my residence took nearly as long time as the journey from Ban Phe to Bangkok.               Rainy day, you know.


  1. Yes, there's not so friendly service in Koh Samet as it is pure tourist island. Especially if there's local people from Bangkok coming for holidays (to have fun) and tourists are always nbr 2 after locals (bookings might not be easy as you noticed)... Anyway, hope you had relaxing time, even if it was rainy... Greetings from Koufonissi, our favourite island on Greece...

  2. Minttu, I enjoyed it really! Papa Roger was not at home ;)

  3. where are you Outi?
    still in Bangkok or back to ur home town already.

    did u take a taxi to koh samet?
    how much did you pay for it?
    btw enjoy!!!!

  4. Anonymous, the problem is that I do not know who's talking?

  5. ok maslow theory.
    self esteem.

    and sorry for hiding who i am.

  6. Maslow's will be one of the very basic theories that could always be applied, what ever happened in this world. People and their basic needs do not change, really that much.

  7. And yes, I did take taxi from my residence to the pier of Ban Phe, did not cost more than 2000 baht including taking my friend first to the very center of BKK. I was too lazy to catch an AC-bus. Backwards I took that certain minibus, and the cost for it was 250 baht, but the taxi from Khao San Road back home was about the same due to one-meter-per-hour traffic.
    Any other questions?

  8. thanks for answer Outi!
    and no more question if it made you annoying

    the reason why i did not show or tell my name because of i just want you to know that no matter who i am it doesnt change my mind that i want to b ur friend here to wait what r u going to say, what did u do or any feeling you got.
    you always have a friend and i'm ur student in org com. class if u can remembered that u wrote down ur blog address on the board. some idea pops up in my mind that if i comment/talking in here you will be happy and not feel alone or homesick cause you are new in Thailand. that's all i want you to know.

    sorry if i disturbing you that much.

  9. Thank you! I'm not feeling homesick at all as I've 5 kg of your exams to go through :) No problem, I am not annoyed anymore :)

  10. Again well written and interesting Outi!

    Too bad you didn't find any lost treasure, and too bad you had to be hit by a thunderstorm on your mini-holiday. Oh well, you survived, stronger and more "electrified" for the upcoming IBS season! :-)