Sunday, August 22, 2010

Under The Same Sky - Diamonds of BU at Rangsit Campus

My blogging has suffered from lack of time after final exams (and my son the party animal to visit Bangkok), but now as I'm back to Finland (and freeeezzzing)  I'm trying to put the rest of my experiences in words attaching some pics to accomplish this blog.

 I had an opportunity to combine my visit to the marvelous Rangsit Campus out of the city to an art exhibition opening - in a very good company. What else could one wish or desire? That's why I'm talking about diamonds at Rangsit Campus.

This is a very concrete example of the architectural result of the decision to use Design Management as important part of communication: to make it clear that Bangkok University pays attention to overall development of the university, making some unforgettable landmarks by its architecture too. So, there are two of these Diamonds facing the highway passing by.

My brilliant hostesses, Dr. Siriwan, Dr. Su and Sirima,  at Rangsit Campus IN one of its intensively coloured lifts.

Under The Same Sky exhibition opening was something nearly spiritual for me.
Tuksina Pipitkul and Susan Collins, colleagues in Fine Arts from totally different cultures had prepared a collaborative exhibition which showed us all that our sky is....but the view points and installations and the results might be seen different ways, both from their view and not even to mention us, viewers. Healing! Relaxing! Invigorating!

Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum at Rangsit Campus is amazing with its treasures!
This museum made me really silent: it houses more than 2000 ancient ceramics donated by Mr. Surat Osathanugrah, the founder of Bangkok University. The museum aims to instill an appreciation for Thai cultural heritage - and it's free for anyone to see those treasures! The only minus is the location at Rangsit... Probably it will take its place to be an important center for ceramics research and training on all aspects of historical ceramics in future - I really hope so, as for me it was a religious kind of touch to this kind of arts.

Thank you Dr. Sirivan and Dr. Su & Sirima for a wonderful day!