Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome Newbies - Goodbye this Oldie!

This certain event for overseas students' orientation made it clear that I'm Not The One to be in for the fall semester. It was kind of a rite & ritual for me to get out (but not to get rid of) from BUIC while the others were eagerly joining in. I nearly fell in tears, several times during the day.

First, the students had some Thai-culture related ice-breaking activities at Rangsit Campus - and, I have to tell you, that everything was organized once again SO well. There were some Finnish students as well, from Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and Vaasa University, but NONE from our organization - which made a dull gray shadow on my day too. I know, that those serious responsibility and insurance issues affected. Anyway, I was prepared to welcome our students to Bangkok University during this week as well as I could do. In the end, I did have a few words with one guy from Mikkeli. And more with the students from Sweden in Swedish. They asked me to stay here ;)

Learning how to dance traditional Thai-folkdance was one of the activities.

How to make a Lotus flower even more attractive was one of the cultural challenges.... 
I did it myself too.

A.Jiab, my true support throughout this summer coached me how to...

And in the end of the orientation day to Thai culture we visited one of the most famous Floating Markets with its elephants.

Floating market and floating vendor.... So much to show and tell, not enough words for it right now.
Ask me for more detailed information, please. This day was a moving one among the others. For the rest of my life.

Thank you BUIC colleagues!

Dr-Nok, Jeri, Jiab, Tor, Dr. Siriwan, and all you over there! I love you <3 You made my summer!

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