Thursday, September 2, 2010

It was not easy to be THE Mom of an Outgoing Party Animal in Bangkok

I had a plan. I had a glorious plan to have some quality time - finally - with my son in Bangkok. We haven´t been too much together since I started my bread-and-butter work at  SAMK by accident in fall 2002. Now he is 21 years young and verbally talented person, who seems to cope where ever, with mom, or preferably without. Meanwhile waiting him at the BKK airport I was lucky to meet these traditional thai-dancers.

Anyway, one of the most exciting moments during my stay in Bangkok was to wait him to arrive at the airport. He was concerned about how to find not-so-tall mom with dark hair in the crowds.. I was not concerned at all, as he is some 30 centimeters taller than anybody else there.

Finally he met someone a bit girlish who is high above him... at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, BACC, my real favorite attraction by all means.

Anyway, I was delighted to be a hostess and mom in same person, BUT if he had been there for the whole period of my exchange, I'd have turned to a Real Panda Mom with really black underlines...

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