Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For Love, Not for Money.

If this pile of Bahts was in Euro, I wouldn't have come back but stayed on a loooong holiday in Thailand at least for one year (after poping in to IBS to be in the kick-off).

Money, however, is not THE issue if someone will take this brilliant advantage and challenge of experiencing professionally more in three months than most of the people in Education experience during their worklife. 

I highly recommend this kind of long exchange to all of my colleagues - and students as well!

I cannot even articulate all of it right now, after 10 days from arrival back to my work here in Finland - but as soon as I'm able to, I'll probably write some kind of reflective  "The End" to this blog  - hopefully this story with the relationships included will be a never ending one though.

Photo: Thanit B. by LOMO camera.

Mixed feelings, again: SO good to be back home with friends, IBS students and colleagues, but missing people over there in Bangkok. And that warm (read: HOT) weather too!

With love, Ajarn Outi.

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